About Us

UK-Forces is a multi gaming clan that caters for its members, we are currently playing H1Z1, Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto PC, Titanfall, DayZ and many more. Visit our website for more information and to join our forums.


A Brief History


Founded in 2001 UK-Forces as gone from strength to strength. Starting with as a number of friends that decided to start a small gaming community Playing Battlefield 2. The clan was originally run by John (Deathmag) who was a sole leader of the group. John celebrated his 40th Birthday back in 2008 and hosted a party sending an invite to all that are part of UK-Forces so used this opportunity to have a clan meet. This turned out to be an interesting affair with some hilarious photos taken.


Unfortunately John had personal issues and no longer was available to run the community this is where at the time 2 members stepped up to the plate to take control – Tidyupmick & Maxberillious deciding to re design the community from the ground up. Deciding to turn the community into a democracy and create a council of long term severing players who would decide as a group the best way forward for the community.


The launch of Battlefield 2142 was crazy and our opportunity to shine We suddenly were becoming big and very quickly most players had heard of us and we often had to queue to get onto our own servers. We started competing in competitions and tournaments and just grew stronger and stronger. We were floating and everything was looking great. But all great things never last and unfortunately and argument between the council tore the clan in two. One faction going off to call them self’s UK-Elite Forces and the others to remain UK-Forces. we suddenly had a small group again, scratching our heads wondering what’s next.


Determined to continue we decided to push forwards and the small group started again to recruit and gain new members welcome the launch of Battlefield 3 and again our time to shine. We had grown in a short time again. This was our 2nd coming and the community was successful. We started to play in tournaments and competitions again. Unfortunately for a second time in UK-Forces life span the community ran into issues. Again the clan was thrown into anarchy with divided members some of which left to create their own group (PANDAs) and UK-Forces was left with once again a small group of committed players the majority of which were the ones that stuck by UK-Forces the first time and some new players that had found UK-Forces to be home.


UK-Forces again raised itself from the ashes and again our small community was determined to move on and continue to game together. This time more focused and committed to providing the best gamming community possible for all. The foundation of this community still there and holding fast.


Today we are no longer just known as a gaming community we are a extended family. We are bound together by our love of gaming and playing as a team.


We have learnt from our past which has made us stronger than ever… We were told Clans are like seasons they come ago and nobody really cares. But we have lasted for 60 seasons, we will never fade away into the nights… We are UK-Forces.